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Are two classes are better than one???

People often ask “how many dance classes should my child take?” The answer is it really depends on your child’s age and interest level. Children as early as age 18 months respond positively to dance, music and play, especially in a fun, structured setting. If your dancer enjoys taking dance class once a week, adding a second could be beneficial. Here’s why:

More Styles. Greater Improvement. Exposure to a wide variety of dance styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical or hip hop on a weekly basis helps children learn different ways to move their bodies. For example, a ballet or lyrical class might enhance a child’s grace and fluidity while a jazz, tap or hip hop class might improve their ability to count to the music or move more sharply.

Learn From Someone New. All teachers have their own styles and focus on different things. By taking a second class from a different teacher, your child can learn new skills and avoid getting bored.

Practice Makes Perfect. Okay, nobody’s perfect. But everyone knows that in order to see true progress in any skill, it takes practice.

Dance class two or more times a week builds a solid foundation of technique, strength and muscle memory. It also helps them to build confidence and enhanced performance quality when recital time rolls around. And let’s not forget the obvious – dance is creative and high energy! If your dancer LOVES dance - don’t think twice about signing up for that second class.

Now is the perfect time to pick up that extra class - with our Winter Season about to kick off and all our classes learning new skills in readiness for our End of Year Specatular. Drop us an email and let us help you find the perfect class for your dancer.

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