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Where do I start in describing the love and support I have received from Miss Sarah over the last 15+ years.  She became part of my dance journey when I was in primary school and has played a massive part in my life as one of my teachers/mentors. She was always there to support my dreams even as they evolved from wanting to be a professional dancer, to teaching and even transitioning into my current industry. Where she still all these years later, has attended events to support me.

Always authentic and loving in her teachings with that sprinkle of signature Miss Sarah humour and joy in everything she does. She allowed space for us to grow and strive for our goals. Always providing a safe environment for real talk when needed, not just in what it takes to be at the 'top' but even just guiding us through any life transitions we faced growing up. She was part of my home away from home, technically I was in the dance studio more than my actual home! She not only taught us to be skilled dancers, but also skills that transcended into life such as discipline and work ethic and just being a kind and generous person.

The genuine care I experienced as a student went beyond the dance studio and I hope to find that in a teacher for my future kids.

Thank you Miss Sarah for being not only my dance teacher but also like an extra 'fairy-godmother' that has always brought joy along my journey.

If you cannot tell already, I feel so lucky to have had her as my teacher and support me through all my endeavours, right up until this day.


Stephy B

Kind and Nurturing teacher, catering to all levels of dance experience and ability. Supportive environment that fosters a healthy love of dance, socialisation, positive self esteem and FUN

Julie - 2 July 2019


Jen - 2 July 2019

Wonderful recital, all the performances were highly engaging and the atmosphere was very engaging. Thank you for a great evening.

Samantha - 1 July 2019

Lilly is just loving ever minute of Jazz and hip hop! So excited to come every week....wonderful teacher And beautiful group of kids

Candice - 10 April 2019

Miss Sarah is daughter loves her

Delreta - 23 September 2019

Sarah is fantastic with the kids and my daughter can’t wait for her class every week!

Emma - 9 April 2019

You couldn’t ask for a better teacher than Sarah. I’m so thankful that my daughter is dancing with her again

Jennifer - 8 April 2019

Miss Sarah was my dance teacher for over 10 years! Not only did she help me become a professional dancer at 18 but she taught me how to be disciplined, respectful and to always work to the best of my ability. With the skills that she taught me I was able to work all around the world doing what I love! I would recommend Miss Sarah to anyone who wants their child to learn the art of dance in a fun, nurturing environment. She is simply the best

Ashley Birss

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