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Dance and Your Health

No matter your age, it’s almost impossible to resist tapping your toes or nodding your head when you hear a catchy song. Dance is an incredible way to express your feelings or even tell a story without uttering even a single word. Not only is dancing so much fun for those that let the music take control of their body, but it is also really good for your health! In this post, we will bring up a few of the many reasons dancing is a great activity to stay in shape and keep you happy. If you are interested in taking your skills to the next level, or your little one has shown an interest in dance, then go ahead and contact us today to sign up for one of our many dance classes in Camden! Or better yet, enrol online now!

Improves Flexibility

In almost every style of dance, being flexible is key, but this is especially true in ballet. In order to nail your arabesques or plies, you must have good flexibility. Not only does this help your dance form, but also prevents soreness, reduces stiffness, and alleviates joint pain.

Reduces Stress and Improves Mental Health

Dancing is not only good for the health of your body, but also your mental health. Dance is known to reduce stress and diminish depression. After all, what’s more fun than turning on some great tunes and dancing the night away, with a partner or not! A study conducted by the American Medical Association found that adolescent girls that were involved in a dance class were found to have more positive thoughts and more confidence!

Heart Health

It makes sense that dancing is a great cardio workout. Think about all the twisting, jumping, rolling, and stretching, that is done! While it is a blast to dance, it certainly isn’t easier if you aren’t in decent shape! And just like other cardio workouts, if not even more so, dancing is excellent for your heart and will help to prevent any heart issues down the road.

Works Out Multiple Muscles

Especially when getting formal dance training, you won’t just be working out one or two muscles. Dancing requires you to use your whole body while moving and grooving to the music. When you take a dance class, you will find yourself sore in many areas of the body because dancing works out so many muscles. This includes your calves, quadriceps and hamstrings, core, and so more!

There are more health benefits that dance provides, but these are some of the biggest! Dancing is so good for your body and your mind, and is especially great for the youngsters and introducing them to a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about the dance classes that we offer here at The Dance Space, are ready to enrol yourself or your child, or would like to schedule a time to come and visit our dance studio, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We always love having more dancers join our dance family.

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