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What makes a great Pre-School dance program?

Are you looking for the perfect dance class for your Tiny Dancer?

Dance classes are great for developing gross and fine motor skills, language skills, as well as allowing children to take turns, pack away, share, express their feelings and emotions all while learning and making friends.

A quality Pre-School program should be developmentally appropriate. Our Tiny Dancer program has been designed by Miss Sarah over the past 30 years and is continually evolving to include the latest music and teaching techniques that are perfect for the pre-school age group. The program is easy for our teachers to tailor so that all our Tiny Dancers can succeed and progress.

Our program ensures that safe dance practice principles are followed - most activities are in parallel and there is no emphasis on flexibility to ensure the class is safe for growing bodies. At this age, dancers should be jumping, balancing, tippy toeing and twirling their hearts out!

A good dance program allows the learners to be co-creators on their adventure. Activities in our Tiny Dancer program allow our dancers to guide and lead. We catch animals, draw with our magic finger, eat our vegetables and our dessert - all while learning to do sautes, points and co-ordinate while staying in time with music. Our Tiny Dancers create movement that feels right for their body. Our classes have a range of activies where the dancers are given the creative freedom to express themselves through their own movement.

When teaching Tiny Dancers - props are used to enhance the learning activities. Our classes use a variety of props in different ways depending on the desired learning outcome. We have wands, bells, balls, wings, scarves, mats, parachutes, ribbons.....the list is endless! One week our scarves could be a kite and the next a picnic rug! All the time these teaching tools are not only aides in dance activities they are also teaching colour and match as well as sharing, taking turns and packing away.

Our Tiny Dancer program is perfectly structured for success. While it is essential that our Tiny Dancers learn through creative movement and play - it is also vital that classes are structured to allow all dancers to learn and grow. Our classes follow the same format each week - dancers become familiar and expect the routine - even when the content is different. This allows children to become more confident and be in control of the learning environment.

This structure allows our dancers to thrive!

Are you looking for dance classes that will build confidence as well as dance technique - while being flexible and able to respond to the needs of the dancers in the classroom; then look no further. The Dance Space is the perfect place for your Tiny Dancer to learn in a supported, age appropriate environment.

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