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Things to consider when choosing a Dance School

Each dancer is different - things that suit one dancer may not suit another. When selecting a studio for your dancers training it is important that it is the right fit for both the dancer and the family. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Staff - are the teachers approachable? Do the teachers take time to learn each dancers name? Do teachers have good classroom management skills? Are dancers leaving classes happy? Here at The Dance Space; although we are only 3 years young; our teaching staff come with a wealth of experience. Studio Director, Miss Sarah, has been teaching dance for more than 30 years. She is also a qualified high school teacher and holds her Diploma in Dance Teaching and Studio Management. Our younger staff are all supervised and mentored by Miss Sarah in their teaching. This is creating a cohesive staff who are all teaching with the same goal in mind - to instil a love of dance in their students; while challenging them to reach their full potential in all facets of dance.

  2. Age Appropriateness - are dancers instructed with good music choices? Do costumes flatter all dancers? Is movement content matched to the age of the dancers? Although some people would consider it to be old fashioned - our classes are not modelled on the latest Tik Tok trends. At The Dance Space all music, costuming and movement are matched with the age of the dancers. With the hyper-sexualisation of young people being the current norm on social media; we feel it is even more important for us to remain focussed on quality training, strong technique and positive teaching. Children are happiest when they are actually allowed to be children.

  3. Safety - any physical activity come with risks. How does the studio manage these risks? Does the studio have appropriate flooring? Are the staff trained in safe dance practice principles? Are students taught movements progressively? At The Dance Space we are particular about strength and flexibility going hand in hand. On our staff we have teachers trained as Personal Trainers, RAD trained and qualified, Progressing Ballet Technique Certified and trained in Alixa Flexibility. Your dancer couldn't be in safer hands. Our flooring is raised and sprung; giving the best possible protection for growing bodies and importantly for our older dancers as the technique becomes more demanding. As students build strength, condition, flexibility, technique and knowledge the work being trained and introduced becomes more complex.

  4. Class Size - are the dancers just packed in? Do class numbers allow for adequate individual feedback and correction? Or is it just all about the number of people in the room for fancy class videos for social media with people cheering? Not only are our class sizes capped; but we also take into consideration the teachers experience and the goals for the class for the year. For example; a teacher with 30 years experience will more than likely be able to manage more students in the classroom than a teacher with 5 years experience. Our Tiny Dancers need more time and attention so these classes are kept smaller to ensure that each dancer commences there training with lots of individual guidance. A teaching assistant is also available to assist with shoe changes and other aspects of classes where needed. There is cheering! Always! Not just for a couple of dancers on social media.

  5. The Overall Feeling - are the other dancers and dance families happy? Are the staff friendly? Is the studio well kept and cared for? Dance studios should be family friendly environments. Our Covid Safe policy ensures that our premises are always in pristine condition - with daily cleaning and regular maintenance. At The Dance Space we are honoured to be given the responsibility to guide our dancers on their dance journey.

If it sounds like The Dance Space is the right place for your dance journey - enrol today!

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