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5 Benefits of Dance Classes for children

The range of pre-school and after school activities for children are endless. There are many options available - some with better educational, emotional and social benefits than others. Let's explore the benefits of dance classes for dancers from approximately 2 years of age.

1. Improved physical health

It goes without saying that the very nature of a dance class encourages people of all ages to move their body, leading to an overall improvement in their physical health. Dance classes improve flexibility, increase range of motion, stamina and endurance. Dance training for all ages improves balance, muscle tone and coordination while helping to improve poor posture and overall cardiovascular health.

2. Social Benefits Dance classes are highly social activities. They assist children to develop great communication skills, work in a team environment towards a common goal, develop cooperation and a greater sense of trust and of course make new friends!

3. Educational Benefits Becoming a skilled dancer requires focus, discipline, attention to detail and practice! All these skills easily translate into any educational environment. Young people who regularly participate in dance classes tend to perform academically better than their non-dancer peers as they tend to apply their 'dance class' focus across other educational tasks.

4. Improved Self-Esteem Classes at The Dance Space also assist in developing children's confidence and self-esteem making performing for an audience much more achieveable for young people.

5. Spark Creativity As dancers are taught different styles of choreography and different movement genres this encourages them to start to develop their own personal movement style. At The Dance Space, dancers are encouraged to create their own movement and engage in the creative process. This often translates to other art forms as well - such as drawing, creative writing, acting and the like.

Not sure what class is best for your dancer? We have classes for dancers from 2 years through to adults. Drop us an email; - give us a call 0404731839 and let us find the perfect class for you.

Enrolments are open for the 2023 Dance Season. Book online now!

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