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Adults Dance Classes

Did you love dancing as a child? Did you dance until you finished high school - maybe into your twenties but the rest of your dance class kept getting younger?

At The Dance Space our adults classes are for adults. Our classes are not for high schoolers - these classes are for adults. Dancers in our programs range in age from 20 to 65.

While beginners are welcomed - the class is an intermediate/advanced technique class, starting with a thorough warmup. The Open Class and Adults tap both contain technique exercises and each stage of the warmup is instructed and corrections are given to ensure strength, endurance and flexibility are developed throughout the year. It’s not all hard work. There’s a lot of laughs, some crazy costume ideas and of course the option for a performance in both our mid year recital and end of year spectacular.

You will make friends and get super fit while learning and refining skills that will be guaranteed to get your brain working!

This could be the alternative to the gym you have been looking for! Or it could be the perfect compliment to your other fitness activities. If you are keen to learn a new skill or to rekindle that love of dance book yourself a free trial today.

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